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Need Local Counsel in East Texas?

When attorneys and businesses need local counsel in the Eastern District of Texas, we provide valuable insight with our vast litigation experience.

Clients seeking local counsel need attorneys who can be readily available when they need them, and who can give advice on local rules, customs, and juries. From initial filings to trial, we put our broad litigation experience to work helping clients navigate their litigation in the Eastern District of Texas.

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Counsel in all state and federal courts in Texas. 

Our litigation experience allows us to do as little or as much of the case as asked.

We provide:

• Insight into jury pools and local customs and expectations
• Conduct discovery
• File briefs
• Taking a case to trial
• Appeal a case

Our experienced Texas-licensed attorneys stand ready to assist you with your Texas case and have vast expertise in litigating before judges in the area.

We assist businesses and law firms as local counsel in the Tyler, Marshall, Sherman, and Lufkin Divisions of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

Contact Iglesias Law for more information regarding local counsel in East Texas.

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Not all persons pictured are attorneys.

Help For Local Businesses

We provide legal counsel for employment issues, specific human resource needs, and provide guidance should any issues arrise.

As part of our sercies we help clients meet their business goals by assisting them in various ways. We draft materials such as:

  • Employment manuals
  • Contracts
  • Training manuals
  • Non-competition agreements
  • And more
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Not all persons pictured are attorneys.